How to use Contastick

Step 1 – Measure & Cut

Place the book you want to cover on the table and roll out enough contact to cover it. Cut out the contact leaving about 2 – 3 cm extra around all edges.

Step 2 – Thread through the Contastick

Feed the contact through the ContastickTM. Make sure you feed it through the top slot from the back, then back through the bottom slot from the front.

Step 3 – Seperate contact from the backing

Separate the contact from the backing. Expose about 3 cm of contact.

Step 4 – Apply contact to the book

Align the sheet of contact with your book and apply the exposed contact to the edge of the book. Run your thumb or fingers along the edge to ensure it is sealed well.

Step 5 – Contastick magic

Tilt the ContastickTM forward as you press down and pull back. The contact is applied perfectly with no bubbles and the backing automatically peels away!

Step 6 – Cut and fold the cornersmagic

Leave the ContastickTM in place and turn the book over. Cut both corners on an angle and then make a straight cut at the center of the book. Then fold the edges over and stick them to the inside of the book.

Step 7 – More Contastick magic

Turn the book over and repeat step five. Tilt, press down and pull back.

Then repeat step 6 by cutting and folding the edges over.

Ta da!

A perfectly contacted book with no bubbles!